Clearwater’s comprehensive line of water technology and monitoring systems allow our customers access to analyze and manage their water treatment system with ease and efficiency. The Clearwater C-series is our very own line of integrated water management technology.

The first piece of Clearwater C-series is the controller that collects data from up to 10 sensors in your water treatment system, including conductivity, pH, ORP, corrosion, chlorine, and other parameters. This data is analyzed to determine if any parameters are out of specification. Depending on pre-set parameters and user settings, operators can rely on Clearwater C-series water monitors to automatically adjust chemical feed rates to ensure proper dosage. Operators and field engineers also have the ability to input their samples into the system to validate the results.

Users can access their data directly from the control panel or from a wide range of easy-to-access reports, allowing your staff to keep sensitive information in-house. If you’d like increased visibility into your water treatment system, the Clearwater C-series online platform allows users to access information from their Clearwater C-series controller from virtually anywhere. Users can view reports, system history, inventory levels, alarms and notifications, and system trends from a tablet, smartphone, PC, or control room, 24/7.


The combination of these technologies provides users with an integrated water control system. Benefits include asset protection and water and energy consumption reduction as a result of allowing operators to react immediately to any system changes. Historically, our customers have experienced enhanced heat transfer efficiency and less plant downtime. Additional benefits include optimized recovery/reuse programs, increased control over environmental compliance, and documented recovery ROI.

With 100+ choices in sensors and analysis options, your water process is tracked and detailed, with reports generated via a tiered system of communication modules.


Clearwater C-series is a proprietary combination of advanced control technology with web-enabled operations management software, and our experienced field personnel working seamlessly together to provide an integrated, customized water treatment solution specific to your needs.

This portfolio of software and hardware equipment solutions allows our customers to remotely monitor and control their water treatment solution to ensure performance levels are precisely maintained. Our customers have access to an integrated package of controls, communication devices, and sensors that can be customized with a wide range of capabilities. Each version is engineered to monitor various properties critical to your operations, reducing operator time and increasing reliability.

Collecting critical data leads to better recommendations, providing you the ability to:

  • Reduce total operating costs through optimization
  • Pinpoint and correct any system inefficiencies
  • Utilize manpower more effectively
  • Automate the generation of vital reports

With Clearwater C-series you have access to the parameters you’ve established for your water management systems via tablet, smartphone, or PC. ClearWater C-Series tracks and records real-time data transmitted 24/7 from Clearwater C-series controllers or from local data entered manually by field personnel.



This water management software tabulates the information in easy-to-follow graphs, charts, and reports that can be made available to anyone at your company with the correct login access codes.

Management use reports/trends, service histories, KPIs, inventory levels, and alerts of out-of-range operations are available in real time, 24/7. This makes ClearWater C-Series not just a monitoring service, but an intelligent water management software system ready to collect and react to critical water treatment operations.

  • Brings added system confidence and peace of mind since ClearWaterr field support is on the job 24/7.
  • Provides more efficient use and control of process chemicals.
  • Enables reductions and added control of water use and delivers detailed reports for evaluation.
  • Allows authorized personnel to log on and input data in a secure environment, quickly creating accurate reports in this dynamic water management software platform.