ClearWater offers a complete line of utility, process, and functional chemistries for the pulp and paper industry. We have dedicated field personnel with over 16 years in the industry and experience working with unique specifications, as well as the full range of grade-based and finished product performance requirements.


ClearWater’s representatives consistently deliver value-added benefits for board and packaging, tissue and towel, fine papers, and newsprint operations. ClearWater has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to reduce customer costs, improve process operations and crepe performance, enhance product quality, extend asset life, and reduce plant downtime. We accomplish this in the pulp and paper industry in a two-step process.

First, we conduct comprehensive surveys of all of your systems. After consulting with your operations, engineering, procurement, and management staff, we determine your utility and wastewater/water reuse treatment needs. Then we develop an outline that includes technical drawings and diagrams of every related system in the process. This outline allows us to continually look for ways to help our customers realize additional savings, including water reuse, increased operating efficiency, extended asset life, and downtime reduction.

Providing for an efficient ongoing process, our laboratory analytical instrumentation capabilities are state-of-the-art, allowing total automation for processing water and deposit analyses. We provide the fastest sample analysis turnaround in the industry.

Additionally, our corporate research and development group continues to create cutting-edge chemical technology with the most advanced automation and information systems available. These resources allow us to create solutions that meet the latest elemental chlorine and effluent regulations.

ClearWater has expertise in board and packaging, tissue and towel, fine papers, and newsprint.

  • Creping: adhesives and releases, Yankee protection
  • Strength additives: dry and wet
  • Felt and wire barriers
  • Stickies control
  • Cleaners and degreasers: fletwash, boilouts, general purpose
  • Flotation and wash deinking
  • Retention and drainage aids
  • Rheology modifiers